Yves Lohe
Born in 1947 – France

From an early age Yves Lohe’s character of a dreamer and a loner heart led him to grow up being close to nature. As a young man he found refuge in poetry and even wrote plays for the theatre. He had a dream that one day he would be a great writer! He followed the typical education studying law which he interrupted to diverge into teaching. Soon he realized that only sculpting would help him rediscover the emotions of his childhood. In 1972 he gained work experience with Abel Bataillard, the famous Maitre Ferronnier of Pigalle.

Each sculpture not only captures the eye but also awakens feelings in each observer. Yves Lohe does not give you a speech on his art. He is not the type to upset the balance. For him the most important thing is the opinion of the observer. From this is born a complicit relationship between the Artiste and the observer of his work.